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A thief fucks him next to his wife

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The strongest thing is that in the end his wife caught them. he entered that couple's house only to steal some money, but after seeing that guy asleep in bed with his wife, he got horny. without thinking, he put everything aside, approached the man and covered his mouth with his hand uncovering the sheets on the bed. the bastard slept naked, and that was more than enough reason to get more horny if possible. but of course, he had woken up and had to threaten him to make no noise, he also didn't want his wife to wake up. he told him to eat his cock and he had to, what happens is that he ended up liking it too much. after sucking his tail for a while, he finally told him to turn around and without thinking about it, he shoved it up his ass, all with his wife next to him, but the man was afraid that he could catch them, so they went to the living room to so end the fuck. and boy did they finish it, the only problem is that in the end, while he was enjoying the taste of that unknown man's cock again, his wife appeared around the living room catching them both.
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