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An intruder entered my house, he fucked me very violently

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It could be a nightmare for anyone, that an intruder enters his house while he is there, but for this boy it was not such an unpleasant experience. he was following him since he saw him on the street. when the boy went to his house he was behind, and soon entered. once inside he caught him in the bathroom, that's when he grabbed him by force and threw him on the floor. the boy did not expect it and he was scared, he did not know what he wanted. but that guy didn't steal anything or even threaten him, what he did was take off his clothes. the young man was straight, he had never had sex with another man, but this time he was going to. after undressing him, he put his cock in his mouth and was forced to suck it. despite the violence that the stranger showed for some strange reason, being subjected in that way made him horny.finally he fucked his ass, and not only that, but it ran in his face. his facial expression when this happened is worth seeing.
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