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Are you going to tell your father no?

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Her father was watching tv, like almost every day. it was then that her only son came and sat next to her. the mature man was too hot to hide it, so he grabbed his neck and brought his head close to kiss him. his father knew very well that he would not say no, so he took advantage of every time he had the opportunity to have sex with the young man. they undressed as they continued to kiss and enjoy their bodies. then the boy bent down and began to eat his tail, although it didn't take long for the father to put his fingers in his anus so he could dilate it. the young man's eyes were closed tightly, his ass was still too narrow and he felt it excessively, but even so almost immediately the young man sat on his father and he penetrated him with force. they fucked in that position for a long time, until they changed and kept fucking him. in the end the mature man came and the boy felt all his milk.
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