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Argentinian father fucked by his own son

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The boy pierced her hairy ass, not caring in the least that it was his father. while the mature man was getting dressed to go out with some friends, or perhaps with a friend, the boy took advantage and lay down on his bed half naked as if waiting for him. when the father entered the room and saw his son in such a posture and without clothes, something went on in his head and he could not control himself. they were both argentines, and as good latinos they quickly became hot. she approached her son and began to touch him as if massaged him, but it didn't take long to remove his erect cock from her underwear. after taking it off, he sucked it relentlessly, he loved that feeling of having a hard, veiny cock in his mouth, whoever he was. after a while something happened that was not expected, and it was the father who prepared his hairy ass for the boy to penetrate it. he did not think about it, he prepared his cock and pierced his ass while the father clenched his teeth tightly holding that cock that a while before he had had in his mouth. father.
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