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As soon as his wife left he launched for his brother-in-law

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He was his wife's young brother, but for some reason that boy appealed to him too much. as soon as she saw him she couldn't help but touch him, either casually or pretending to massage his shoulders. this began to surprise the boy enough, but he did not give it much importance. however that day his wife had gone out to work and he wanted to take advantage of his opportunity. so while his brother-in-law was taking a shower, he began to observe him like a voyeur, and seeing him naked, he couldn't help but take off his clothes and start masturbating. best of all, the boy was jerking off too, so he got so horny that he went in and discovered himself. she did not even have to explain that he was doing there naked, the boy knew it. the mature man started to eat his cock and he left, it did not take long either to put it in his ass to fuck him in the same bathroom until finally he he released all his milk into his face.
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