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At 18 years old and how vicious he is …

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It was his first year of college and everyone was after him. at 18 years old and with that angelic face, it was a cake that was too appetizing for everyone. the first was a senior boy, who even whispered in his ear to see if he could make him horny. but seeing that the young man did nothing, he decided to leave. it was then that another boy who was in the same room approached him. he went straight to the point, asked if the other was his partner and said no, they were just friends. then he asked him if he liked boys, to which he replied in the affirmative. he did not want to beat around the bush and started to kiss him, the boy simply limited himself to returning the kisses. college was getting very interesting for him, they got naked right there and he started sucking his cock. shortly after the 18-year-old boy sat on his tail penetrating him to the bottom, of course bareback. first it was the older boy who came, then while he was kissing the younger boy and jerking off he also ended up ejaculating. at such an early age and he already proved to be a vicious one, to the point of fucking strangers.
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