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Brutally humiliates her son and fucks his mouth

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The excuse the man looked for to humiliate and do things unseemly for a father was that his son was using his private hot tub. it is true that he knew that no one except the mature could use it, but even so it might not be reason enough for what he did next. she approached the boy and pushing him put her head on the surface so that she could step on it with his foot. the young man was really scared, he did not know that he intended to do that to him. after a while she let him go and he moved away from him, but she went after him again and grabbing his head from him opened her mouth. then she submerged him in the water while he was on top of him, until he placed his anus on the boy's face. that humiliating punishment had made him horny, so he grabbed his cock and with some violence put it in his mouth. after a while of struggling and submerging him under the water, she ended up fucking his mouth in a demonstration of oral sex that would make anyone hard, spanking, hitting and treating him like a dog until finally the mature man's face indicated that he was running in his mouth. all his milk was spilled in the water and it was the moment that his son took advantage of to leave there in a hurry. he had just learned a good lesson.
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