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Calm down darling, soon i’m done showering

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The one who was showering was his beloved stepson, a young boy who put a hard cock to that mature pervert. after seeing him naked in the shower, he also undressed while getting balls, her intention was to get in the shower with him and try his luck to see if he could fuck him. as soon as the boy entered, he was of course surprised, but after seeing how he bent down to eat his cock, the surprise soon disappeared. just when he had the young man on all fours and was fucking his ass, his partner and the boy's mother appeared asking how much he had left end up. she moved the curtains enough so that she could only see him and not realize that she was fucking her son, but seeing that he had been going for a long time the woman wanted to surprise him by getting into the shower too. he never had to, since when he opened the curtains he found his partner fucking his son's ass.
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