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Calm down son, i assure you that you will like this

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The man discovered his son putting a garment on his underpants to mark more package. it was a very touching image, but nevertheless his father came up with a rather depraved idea. he was going to show him that the size of his cock didn't really matter, so he went to him, took off his underwear and reassuring him told him to be calm while he put his cock in his mouth in a way she liked it, it was not the first time that a man had sucked her, but doing it with her father was strange and morbid at the same time. then the mature man told him that it was his turn to suck him off, and frankly he did quite well. they lay on the bed and made an incestuous 69, but then the boy got down on all fours for his father to put his whole cock in. and boy did he, anally penetrate him to the end.
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