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Catches her son jerking off and teaches him a lesson

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As soon as his father entered the house he discovered something strange on the floor, which was nothing more than lubricant that his son had been using seconds before to masturbate. and it is that the boy used to jerk off watching porn on his mobile with his tail well lubricated to make himself better. but he did not expect that his father would arrive so soon that day, so the evidence of the crime was more than evident.the man told him that he cleaned it immediately, which of course the boy did. but while he was there on his knees cleaning the man started getting hot and thought that maybe he could bring his mouth closer to his cock. soon after, his son was sucking his tail, and not long after that he was totally naked at his disposal. he opened his legs and after a while he was already penetrating his anus until the moment of cumming. without a doubt, that was much better than a simple straw.
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