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Cheated, i thought i was your neighbor

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He thought it was his neighbor who was sucking his cock, but it was his best friend. she was a pretty understanding young lady, she knew perfectly well that he was bisexual and she wanted to surprise him like that. he told her to cover her eyes with a blindfold that was going to surprise him, and boy did she. as soon as she was bandaged, she went away and left him alone with her friend, who was the one who began to touch him and even suck his cock.while later he was jerking off, he directed his hand towards his cock and it was when he realized that he was an uncle and not her pretty neighbor. he quickly took off the bandage and there he saw his best friend with his cock hard and naked. he understood perfectly that it had been the girl's thing, so he did not want to give up that gift that he had given him. they finally had sex, which surely was something they had long wanted, and his ass ended up being drilled by the cock of his best friend until it came in his face.
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