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Did i do it right dad?

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His father couldn't be more proud of him, he had behaved like a man the thrusts of his huge cock. the mature man entered the boy's room, who was ready to leave, but he stopped him. and he did it in a simple way, undressing in front of him. after taking off his shirt he showed his muscular body, for his age the man was frankly fine, and his son knew it. she fell on top of the young man and began to kiss him, that promised of course. little by little they were both undressing until they were totally without any clothes. the boy was the first to put his cock in his mouth giving him an impressive blowjob, it was certainly not the first one he did. soon the mature man was penetrating his ass, which had some merit since he was a slim young boy and the man had a rather large cock. they spent more than half an hour fucking, changing positions and enjoying each other's bodies until finally the mature man came over his son, even though the boy was unsure, he did not know if he had been good in bed. but quickly his father reassured him, you did well son ...
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