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Don’t you prefer that we play something else?

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For many parents, living with their child can be a difficult task, but it was certainly quite pleasant for him. they were both on the sofa, in comfortable clothes of course since they were at home. the boy was playing on his console while the father watched him touching his cock, he had to find a way to get intimate with him. he offered him a soda, suggested that he do other things, but the boy was going through everything. in the end the idea occurred to him of going for an ice cream, that if he liked it. he started to eat it, but he clearly said that after sucking the ice cream he would have to do the same with his cock. he had just found a quite effective way to take him to his field, and the best thing is that the boy seemed more than happy to do it like this. after the blowjob, the mature man was finally able to penetrate his ass, that pleasure for him was totally indescribable, no longer just because he was a young and attractive boy, but for the fact that he had achieved what he had been trying to achieve with the boy for some time. of course the mature man came on his butt, what less.
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