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Father surprised at how hard his son was

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You have a very big and hard cock son. perhaps it is a phrase that a father should never say to his 18-year-old son, but that was how an incestuous relationship began between them.the mature man went to his son's room to talk to him, but in reality they had little dialogue. he told him to get up and undress, so the boy stayed in his shorts in front of him. the boy was a little surprised that he asked him that, but he supposed he wanted to show him something.he realized that the boy had a very hard cock, so he also got up and undressed showing that he also had a big erection. he got behind the young man and began to touch his cock. how hard it was and how big it was. he took off her underpants and both of them were completely naked, that's when he began to lick her body. while the boy was on all fours on the bed his father grabbed his penis and slowly shoved it up his ass while the young man squeezed his eyes. in the end both the father and the son ended up cumming together in the boy's bed.
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