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Father, what are you doing in my bed?

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When he woke up he realized that someone was hugging him. it was his father, who was sleeping with him in his own bed. he turned and was a little surprised, but only a little, since it wasn't the first time he felt his father's tail hard rubbing on his butt. that is why when he discovered who was with him and what he wanted what he did was start kissing him. that was the trigger for the mature man to undress and remove the young man's clothes as well. once naked, their hard cocks sought to empty semen. the father ate the boy's tail and, to everyone's surprise, it was precisely the boy who drilled his old father's ass, rarely a man his age could enjoy sex so much. the boy of course is of legal age and it is a video produced by schoolboysecrets (it is simply a sexual fantasy).
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