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He puts it in his son, he had a very tight ass

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Lying on the bed along with his large bear-shaped stuffed toy, the boy felt protected. it was then that his father arrived, who while the boy was lying there, took off his underwear. at first the young man did not know what his father intended, but soon after when he began to touch him and lick him, he discovered that the mature man discovered that his son had become very hard, his cock was like a stone. what he did was remove his own, waiting for the boy to suck it off, and of course he sucked it off. soon after, he opened his legs and with his big cock began to penetrate him. he did it very slowly, since his ass was too narrow. but little by little he was putting it in until he entered almost whole. while he put it in the ass he grabbed his cock, which was erect and hard. in fact, the young man was the first to come, a while later his father did.
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