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He said he was straight, but he got hot with my package

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Curiosity could with these two good friends, who taking advantage of the fact that they were alone the weekend decided to do something out of the ordinary. and it is that despite having declared himself openly and having a girlfriend, he could not stop being curious. so maybe there in bed the two of them did not wait too long, as soon as he saw his friend marking the package he got really hard. he even took his dick out for me to see, and of course a few seconds later the two of them were rolling in bed.the best thing of all is that they decided to record themselves on video, so thanks to this they allow us to see how this fucked between a gay and a straight guy. what we do not know is the face of his girlfriend as soon as he saw this video, because it is sure that sooner or later he will see it, unless he has already done so.
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