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Her father finally told her his secret

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His father thought it was his great secret, but nevertheless it was something that his son had known for a long time. he told him that he was homosexual, that he always had been and that he was in fact sexually attracted to him, to his son. the boy had been waiting for those words for his father for so long that he got excited and started kissing him. they undressed, wanted each other too much and did not want time to pass by. total, both were already in bed, they just needed that little push. the young man began to suck his father's cock, a pleasure that few boys will be able to aspire to as it is not something very frequent.after that blowjob, it was the father who began to lick the boy's anus, giving him a black kiss and immediately began to penetrate him. the boy was on all fours feeling the onslaught of his father. mom will never find out the secret of her father, who was now hers. finally the mature man ended up cumming on the boy's chest at the boy's satisfied face.
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