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Her uncle got very hot and they ended up having sex

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This happens even in the best families. an uncle and his favorite nephew (it would be for a reason) stayed at the old man's house to watch a movie, you know, a men's night with popcorn and others. however, it did not end as expected, or maybe it did. while they were watching the television, the boy fell to his knees, it was clear evidence of what he intended. the man was stroking his head as he stared at his package, it was hard of course. soon after, he was pulling his cock out of his pants and stuffing it in his mouth. looking at his uncle, the man was there with his eyes closed, ecstatic to feel such pleasure, so he continued to suck her. then they went undressing and the nephew prepared his ass for him to penetrate him. he fucked him on the sofa, and after a while putting it in the guy took it out ready to cum. he ejaculated on the young man's anus, but after cumming, he put it back inside, moaning non-stop. after the fuck they kept watching the movie as if nothing had happened.
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