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His brother caught him smelling his panties and jerking off

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He was tempted to do it and of course he did, he opened his brother's gym bag and after finding his used pants he began to smell them. that smell made him so horny that he instantly got hard, so he started jerking off on the bed. he didn't count on his brother getting out of the shower catching him doing it, and of course he asked for an explanation. he didn't know what to do or what to say, i had caught him doing it and he had no excuse. but nevertheless he did not get angry with him, so he showed him his cock giving him a clear signal of what he was willing to do. so in that way he began to suck it. what had started with a simple masturbation was going to end in real sex with his brother, and it did. the moment he penetrated her ass was really special to him.
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