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His father catches him calling the hot line, gives him his punishment

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He was a vicious young man and did not hesitate to insinuate himself again and again to his father, who used to pass him by. but something different happened that day. the mature man had suspicions that the boy used to call a hot line by phone, so falsifying the contact he pretended to be one of them. the boy's surprise to see his father enter with the phone in his hand while he spoke was capital. but the punishment his father was preparing to give him was not going to displease the truth too much. she laid him down on the bed and did everything that a father should never do to a son. it was not a punishment, it was an incestuous fuck that ended with both of them cumming on the bed. as soon as he came, the father got up without saying a single word to the boy and left, leaving him perplexed.
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