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His uncle couldn’t believe it, but the boy had had a lot to drink

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He had been drinking beers all day without stopping, he was alone at home, but suddenly there was a knock on the door. he looked out and when he saw who he was, he realized that it was his paternal uncle. he told him to come in, but when the old man saw the number of empty beer cans on the ground, he quickly realized that he was quite drunk. he wanted to talk to him, but she wasn't his father after all. the boy told him to sit on the couch, he expected to speak with his father but when he was not there he told her that he would not be long in coming. the mature man sat next to him and shortly after the boy jumped on him. it may have been an unsatisfied desire for years or maybe the ingested alcohol, but it was really hot and i wanted to have sex with him. he was taking off his clothes and his uncle's face said it all, he was very surprised and of course excited. both were willing to go to the end and they showed it. they first started with oral sex sucking their cocks. but soon the mature man showed him the experience of him licking the young man's ass, something prior to anal penetration. he got her bareback and they fucked until finally the man came on his nephew. once they both came they lay on the couch covered in cum and hugged for a while, they had been wanting to do that for too long.
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