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Hurry up, my friend is waiting for me behind there

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He was meeting an old friend and they took the opportunity to walk around and talk about their things. however, when passing through the door of a sex shop, he told her to enter, she wanted to buy a toy for him of course. his friend accompanied him and they entered. the store was empty, only the clerk was there and they found him jerking off. when they saw him they caught his attention and he soon covered himself. but then he told her to go see what they had in the warehouse and they went inside. it was an excuse of course. the shop assistant started telling her how pretty his tattoos would be, and soon after he was on his knees ready to suck her cock. he looked again and again towards where his friend was and told her to hurry, that he did not want to be caught, but that got out of hand for a long time, and after the blowjob they undressed and they fucked until they came. meanwhile the other uncle waited patiently outside until he finally came out.
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