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I caught my boyfriend cheating on my brother

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She was sleeping with her boyfriend, her smile as she looked at him asleep indicated that she really was in love with him. however, she got out of bed and went to another room where her boyfriend's brother was also sleeping peacefully. she was doing wrong and he knew it, but she went to the boy and found that he was sleeping naked and also with a big erection. what he did led him to have the best sexual experience of his life. first she started sucking her boyfriend's brother's cock, who soon woke up. while she was sucking it by the door of the room her boyfriend entered, she had just discovered that peculiar infidelity. but instead of getting angry that made him very hot, he went towards them and licked her boyfriend's ass. as her boy ate his brother's cock, he penetrated her anus. they made an improvised incestuous threesome in which the three ended up enjoying a good fuck.
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