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Maduro catches two youngsters and ends up joining them

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The two boys were rolling up in the middle of the street when an older man passed by. actually, he had been watching them for a while, and he simply walked past them to see if something would wake them up. but what he did was go directly to them and start talking to them. soon the morbid idea of ​​doing it with the two boys was in the air, and he proposed to go to his house to do it. of course an apartment for them alone was much better than doing those things on the street, so everyone agreed. it was then that once there the young men began to get involved in front of him, he seemed to enjoy watching them, but he did not intend to settle, so once they were both naked he approached with his hard cock in the air and they sucked it off. that was how both boys ended up having a threesome with this stranger, who of course made them quite horny and knew what he was doing.
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