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On the sly with her sister’s husband, but they got caught

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Her sister and her husband were visiting, but the boy could never imagine what would happen. they had fooled on more than one occasion, but that sneaky wink made his cock wake up. she approached the man and, still with her sister and a friend spinning around, began to eat his cock as if it were a hot dog, with mustard included. then while they ate the boy became playful and put himself under the table, a moment that he took advantage of again to give him another blowjob without anyone suspecting anything. but he got tired and finally went to the kitchen. she was not expecting it at all, but she had put the man so horny that he suddenly appeared from behind to put the nonsense aside and fuck his ass. he pulled down his pants and directly shoved it all up his ass while the boy opened his mouth in a really exaggerated way, perhaps by surprise or perhaps by pleasure. finally, after a good fuck, they ended up on the living room sofa until that the man came into the boy's mouth. just then, the women, surprised by their delay, came looking for them and found them naked and in full swing. that game cost him dearly.
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