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Stepdad gets to fuck his wife’s son

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Since her mother married that man, strange things have happened. his stepfather insists on touching him and even sleeps with him. one day with a massage happened what he never thought would happen. and it is that although he is that father he has never had, the young man was tremendously attracted to him. he did not know if it was because he was that authoritative father figure, if it was because he was physically attracted to him, or because he was a pervert who wanted to take the man from his mother. but what was clear is that it was mutual, although he was not sure. when he gave the massage he began to kiss his neck, to touch him ... and the young man gave up, he was trapped in his strong arms wanting to feel it inside him. furthermore, one could not speak of incest as there were no real blood ties. the problem is your mother's poor ... but what the hell, look for someone else, that's mine.
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