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Stepfather penetrates his sleeping son’s ass, the boy wakes up

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When his stepson entered the room he was asleep, the boy could never have imagined that this was going to happen that day. although the young man was straight, his new stepfather did not mind sodomizing him while he was sleeping. for this he took advantage of a day that the young boy had returned from partying and was somewhat drunk, it is well known that it is more complicated for a guy to wake up when he has drunk excessively.the man did not cut himself, did not show any type of fear of being discovered, he simply stripped him little by little and then began to record it on video. it started just when the boy's anus was well lubricated to get inside him, he grabbed his cock and without thinking it he put it. he was fucking him for a long time while he was still sound asleep, with a deep sleep. however, he finally woke with a start, a man was fucking him, and when he turned around and looked at him, he saw that he was his stepfather. the bastard instead of being in bed with his mother was there fucking his ass. the boy knew he had no choice, so even though he had never done it he let him do it. also, in some strange and morbid way he was liking it too much. until his stepfather didn't cum he didn't stop. once he had unloaded then he left the room leaving him lying there.
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