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Straight college boy forcibly fucked in turns

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It was a college party, but for this boy it didn't end as expected. while he was drunk sleeping they tied him up and gagged him, then forcibly took him out of his room until he was taken to where everyone was. once there they undressed him until he showed his ass, at which point he took advantage of one of them to penetrate him while the others watched. he did not stop until he came, and at that moment another appeared who did the same, fuck him to the end. the boy resisted as much as he could, he was straight and that being penetrated from behind was not something he expected. in the end, however, he gave up and resigned himself, barely complaining or resisting while they fucked him. in the end they tied him up and all of them were putting their cock in his mouth and cumming on his face. i would say that despite having his ass destroyed all that he liked, and a lot. of course it is a fraternityx video in which all of them previously consented.
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