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Surprised his sleeping nephew in the middle of the night

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His nephew was a charming young man, he had gone to spend a few days with him at his house. nothing made this boy suspect that he would receive a night visit from his uncle that night while he was sleeping. not that his nephew was a saint precisely, some piercings in his nipples aroused the libido of his uncle's mature assuming that he was a quite promiscuous young man, in fact he was not wrong despite the stereotype.even when he was asleep he began to caress her body, to kiss him. lying next to him he was rubbing his cock into the boy's body while still deep in his dreams. it was evident that he would end up waking up, he knew it and in fact expected it. although if he was still asleep he was able to put it like that too. the boy woke up tremendously excited and stood on his uncle, who penetrated him without any regard. they kept fucking on the bed until finally the man came. it was not the only night this happened, in fact every night he slept in his house he received a visit from his uncle's degenerate.
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