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This is not right, but i love it

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When she stood in front of him with the intention of fucking her neighbor, she didn't want to. it wasn't really that he didn't want to, but that the boy was not expected to behave that way. he was a friend of his parents for a long time and also neighbors. it is true that from time to time she would look at him when she was riding her bicycle and even fantasized about having sex with him, but in the real world it did not cross her mind, but there she had him in her room in front of him. trying to seduce him. in the end he fell into the temptation and they began to kiss. soon they were naked in bed enjoying oral sex, some blowjobs, some black kiss and of course at the end the long-awaited anal penetration. while the boy bit the pillow he penetrated him from behind, at the end he turned around and just when his neighbor was going to ejaculate, he also did it so that they both came at the same time.
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