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With his father he felt safe, he ran inside

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Every son seeks security in his father, it is a fact. but perhaps this peculiar couple did it quite differently from the rest. he had lived with his father since he divorced his mother, perhaps because he felt so secure, or perhaps because he was actually attracted to him. anyway, what happened that afternoon was not in any way premeditated, it just came without plus. they were both in the living room reading, but they couldn't help but look sideways and imagine certain things that perhaps they had already seen on our web boy approached the chair where the father was resting, and little by little he was touching him . he soon found that the mature man was very hard, it was obvious that he was getting excited with the mere presence of the boy. this was how it all started, both took off the cocks and soon they masturbated each other until the boy decided to put it in his mouth to give him a blowjob, then it was the father who wanted to taste his son's tail and he did it, sucking it off even the eggs. later the boy got down on all fours and the father penetrated him anally. later the boy lay on the living room table and the father fucked him until he ended up cumming inside his ass. taking the cock out of that vicious young man's anus and seeing how all his semen spilled was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him .
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