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Young argentines having sex for the first time

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These two argentine boys, 18 and 19 years old, had never come this far, they had never dared. they had been playing a boring board game for a while and it occurred to them to hang out differently, of course the other one looked much better. they kissed first, and the two of them felt their cocks get very hard. they took off their clothes slowly, like good latinos they were all on fire. after getting balls, the two showed their erect penises and one of them bent down to eat the other boy. he loved to feel his cock in his mouth, but of course they went further, while one prepared on all fours the other grabbed his tail hard and penetrated it. they had never done it before, it was the first time that these two boys had sex, and they certainly would never forget it. in the end they ended up cumming between blowjobs and straws, but both of them full of cum. fuck the board game, that was so much better.
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