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Your mother is gone, what do you think if you and i …

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The boy's mother would never imagine what her current husband and stepfather does to her son when she is gone. that day the man was very horny, he even tried to fuck his wife. but she flatly refused, she had to go, and besides, the boy was home and could catch them. but as soon as his wife left, the mature man was left alone with his stepson, who was ready to go to class. it crossed his mind and he did it, despite being straight he knew that the boy was gay and that he would not say no, he approached the young man and began to kiss him, that day he was going to put her in the heat if or if. after the kisses they began to undress and the boy did not even think about it, he bent down and began to suck his cock. it didn't take long for him to penetrate her young boy's ass and get it all the way down, discovering that he liked it much more than fucking his mother. in the end he had no trouble confessing that it had been the best sexual experience of his life.
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