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Your mother will be late coming, come to bed son

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He was a good son, and as such he brought his father breakfast in bed. this is something that is barely seen today, but what the boy did not imagine is that it would end like this. the father told him to sit with him on the bed, that his mother would still be late. he quickly realized what the mature man wanted, especially when he pulled his cock out in front of him. it was very hard and the boy could not help but hold it with his hand. then he put it in his mouth, that was what the father really expected from a good son, who would be willing to do anything. after the blowjob, the father lubricated his son's anus, he did not intend to harm him, but he did i was going to fuck. and while the boy was on all fours he penetrated him anally. then the young man turned around and they continued to fuck face to face while the boy jerked off excitedly by that assfuck. without even expecting it, his father came inside his ass. when he took out his cock, all his semen spilled on the bed.
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