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Your son is a good boy

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Her son was in bed trying to sleep, but complained about being sick. it was then that his father arrived and took his temperature with his hand. her son told her how bad he was, but the mature man also had a fever, at least on his cock. he said he knew a good treatment to make him feel better, and what he did was remove his tail and show it to him. then he told him to grab it with his hand and shake it, the boy could not help making a face of disgust just thinking that he was jerking off his father. but he was a good boy and he always did everything his dear dad asked him to do, and now he was asking him to put it in his mouth, so he did it. then they both ended up naked and the father licked the boy's anus with the intention of penetrating it, and that was just what he did shortly after. after that ass fucking, in the end he couldn't take much more and the mature man started to cum, of course in the mouth of his beloved and obedient son, although he also stained all the sheets with his semen.
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