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At only 18 years old and see how they enjoy sex

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The two friends are 18 years old and like many other boys their age they spend a lot of time together. but what their parents don't know is what they do when they are alone. so taking advantage of the fact that they were alone, one of them launched himself at his friend to kiss him, it was clear what he wanted. and of course, at that age you only think about fucking. the two of them undressed, and with their hormones well mixed, he began to suck the other boy's cock. after the blowjob, he licked his anus a little, but he did not have much patience and immediately went to put it in. it took him a while to get in, both because it was very tight and because of the lack of lubrication. you already know that youth always sins with impatience. even so, he managed to get it all in. do not see how the two boys fucked, until he came inside his friend did not stop.
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