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He spied on his naked neighbor and decided to visit him

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His neighbor was a muscular and quite attractive boy, the typical grub that you can't get out of your head. one day he was walking around the neighborhood when he decided to look out his window and his surprise was to find him totally naked looking at himself in the mirror. damn, the balls were even better the balls, and also had his cock in the air. he stared at it for a while and finally decided to take a chance and ring the bell. the boy was surprised that someone called, got dressed and went out to see who it was. checking that it was his neighbor, he invited him in. it didn't take long for both boys to know that they both liked the same thing, so they began to undress and began sucking the tail of that handsome and attractive boy. after a while it seemed like a dream, but he was finally penetrating the ass of his neighbour. they were like that until the two ended up cumming, without a doubt a great fuck.
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