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Her stepfather was a very rigid and strict man

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The young man was a real disaster, the typical boy who goes through everything, including his personal hygiene. he made a living by being a relatively famous youtuber, sometimes even interviewing him. but in reality the mature man was up to his eggs, he said he was a fucking bum. seeing how he dressed and that he was throwing everything around, he went to scold him while he was in the kitchen drinking from a bottle from the fridge to his nose. he threw it on top of his filthy and torn t-shirt, it was already the last straw. he grabbed that garment and literally broke it leaving the boy surprised by that violent reaction, he did not know what he was trying to do. he told him to throw himself to the ground to collect everything he had thrown, but the truth is that all this had made them hot. both of them, and even more now that he was shirtless. he got up slightly and saw that his stepfather had taken his cock, that was the trigger that made him jump to suck it. after that they both went to the sofa where they undressed completely and without further ado the mature man began to penetrate his ass, fucking him a thousand times better than his mother. after cumming the two ended up naked while he strangled the young man's neck with his belt. that was how the reporter discovered them after slightly opening the door of her house, she did not believe what she had just seen.
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